Ballarat City Council Vote NO on 18 March

07 March 2024

Although we haven’t reached agreement on your most important claims, Ballarat City Council have decided to put your Agreement out to vote.

Access period: 7 – 17 March
Vote period: 18 – 25 March

We’re currently investigating whether Council have complied with their Good Faith Bargaining obligations, as they’re provided your representatives with a copy of the document without showing tracked changes.

Why Vote NO
This Agreement determines your wages and conditions for the next 3 years. While we’ve agreed on some of your claims, many claims most important to members haven’t been agreed. Management are also seeking to reduce conditions in some areas of Council such as removing rostered hours of work. If this gets through, it can easily flow on to other areas of Council in the future.

Reasons to Vote NO
  • Council’s pay offer now appears to be 3.5%, 2.5% and 80% of rate cap. Members have consistently voted this isn’t good enough.
  • No to a clause protecting you from working in extreme heat or cold
  • No to end of band payment
  • No to a disciplinary clause ensuring a fair process
  • No to improved redundancy package
  • No to OH&S clause
  • No to minimum 3 hour engagement for casuals (excluding school crossing supervisors)
  • No to leave if you can’t work due to fire, flood or natural disaster
  • No to provision of prescription PPE glasses
If we win the NO Vote…we’ll continue bargaining in good faith. This doesn’t mean starting from scratch. All employees covered by the EA are eligible to vote.

Ballarat’s pay rates are in the lowest 25% of Council pay rates in the state.

Send Council a clear message that their offer is not good enough and VOTE NO

For more information please contact: your ASU delegate or
ASU Organiser Angela McCarthy | 0477 666 323

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