Almost done. Draft of the Moira Shire Council EBA

29 February 2024

The final bargaining meeting was held on 8 February 2024 and a draft of the Moira Shire Council Enterprise Agreement 2023-2026 (Draft EBA) incorporating the changes has been provided by Council. Please note: the final version will have a full table of contents.

You can view the draft EBA here.

Council is now preparing to conduct consultation meetings with staff to explain the changes and updates.

Please contact one of your ASU delegates or officials immediately if you have any questions or feedback on the Draft EBA. Once Council has conducted the consultation meetings with staff, they will proceed to a vote on the EBA.

If you have any questions about the offer please contact: Your ASU Delegates
ASU Organiser Shane Lumsden | [email protected]
ASU Lead Organiser Phillipa Balk | [email protected]

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