ASU notifies dispute over South East Water outsourcing

03 April 2024

Earlier this month, South East Water wrote to ASU to notify of a proposal to outsource surge functions in the Accounts Contact Centre. Under the proposal, South East Water would engage a private, third party provider to take calls during surges.

South East Water Management have claimed that they cannot deal with these surges with directly employed staff because their Contact Centre has high levels of unplanned absences.

The ASU has urged SEW to look at the reasons for unplanned absences, rather than using this as a justification for outsourcing public sector jobs.

With SEW seeking to implement this proposal despite our stated concerns, ASU have notified a dispute. We are concerned that this is the thin end of the wedge, and that SEW is commencing a program of privatisation by stealth.

We will keep members updated of any progress.