ASU Members For Palestine Group

14 March 2024

A group of ASU members meet every second Tuesday to discuss ways they can show support for the people of Palestine. This is a rank and file member coordinated group and they invite all ASU members concerned about the on going atrocities in Palestine to join the group. The meetings are held both in person, usually at the ASU office at 116 Queensberry St Carlton and online.

You can follow the group on Instagram here: @ASU_action4Palestine

Interested members are also invited to join the weekly Sunday rallies at the State Library from 11:30 am. Look for the union flags near the corner of Swanston and Little Lonsdale Sts.

In keeping with the resolution passed at the ASU Branch Conference late last year, the ASU Vic Tas Authorities & Services Branch call for an immediate ceasefire in Palestine and additionally call for aid to be immediately restored to United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNWRA).