ASU Health and Safety Rep (HSR) Training

14 March 2024

All HSRs who have completed their 5-Day HSR Initial training course are eligible for a 1-Day Refresher EVERY YEAR. And you get to choose where you do that training. We would love to see you even if it was a long time since you completed your 5-Day course.

ASU HSR training is WorkSafe Approved and guaranteed to boost your skills and motivation plus you get to network with other awesome ASU HSRs. NB: If you have multiple HSRs at your workplace in need of a Refresher contact us about on-site delivery options at [email protected]

Newly elected HSR? Awesome news for you too, the ASU HSR Initial Training is available over 5 Days or a combination of 3-Days and 2 Days in 2024. Under Section 67 of the OHS Act HSR can choose where they do their training (in consultation with their employer). If you have any difficulties getting your employer to support you doing HSR training with your union contact us directly at [email protected]

2024 HSR Refresher Dates:
  • June 25
  • October 24
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5 Day Initial OHS Training for HSRs Dates:
  • March 18 – 22
  • June 11 – 13 (Part A)/July 2 – 3 (Part B)
  • September 2 – 6
  • November 12 - 14 (Part A)/ December 3 – 4 (Part B)
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