Firstly, thank-you and congratulations to all carers who filled in the Home Care survey!

We had a phenomenal response with 376 responses so far! Well done!

As the deadline for submissions has been extended you have extra time to fill in the survey up until the end of June!

Click here to complete the survey. It only takes 5 mins.

If you haven’t already, send this survey around to all your work colleagues, members and non-members. All your stories and experiences are important.

A final ASU submission will be drafted and submitted to the Aged Care Royal Commission next month.

We will not be taken for granted! – Aged Care Retention Bonus

After over 700 letters to Minister Colbeck demanding access to the retention bonus for CHSP workers, we finally received a written response from the Minister to our original letter (embed his written response here). It’s not good enough. The Minister fails to acknowledge that he has excluded thousands of home carers from the retention bonus.

We will be contacting other MPs shortly to ask they support all home care workers with access to this crucial payment. Minister Colbeck was warned there will be more letters from members and the community through the petition. Let us hold him to account.

Email, text, or post the petition accessed here through your networks! The fight is not over yet.

Share the good news about the survey with your colleagues. Get them to join the union. Together we are stronger.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Tuffy Morwitzer |

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