ASU officials and delegates have been in discussions with your management to identify further work opportunities for redeployment.

ELT has agreed to the ASU’s request to introduce a new Library service for a new ‘request and collect’ service.

This activity will provide a safe/contactless service of items to resident library customers, focused mainly on the collection of items at designated library branches, and supported by door to door delivery.

Council have advised that they believe that this service will provide work to continue to engage approximately 50% of the library workforce.

Over the next couple of days, Council will review leave accruals to identify staff who has annual leave in excess of 8 weeks, or pro-rata for part-time employees.

Your employer will be actively encouraging staff to reduce this leave during the current COVID -19 closures. This has been proposed in the interests of freeing up work for those who may not have any leave available to them.

Once Council has reviewed the number of staff who have applied to take annual leave and redeployed staff to work in other areas of Council, there will be a clearer understanding of FTE remaining.

A further conversation with your representatives will then occur about how available work will be allocated and the ASU will be highlighting areas where considerable work continues.

Council intends on implementing a new roster next week and the ASU expects to hear back from by Friday and will communicate further with members then.

Contact your Library Delegates Peter Bunn, Stephanie Tighe or Rosemary Cramp for more information.

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