The current restriction on public libraries opening to the public ends at midnight on Monday 11 May. It is expected that the Premier will announce by Monday whether this restriction will be extended.

This issue is not straightforward and we need to balance the needs of the community (particularly vulnerable library users), loss of income of our members, our member’s health (particularly those who are in the high-risk categories) and the health of the wider community.

We have had suggestions from members about how libraries could be re-opened safely. These include:

  • Perspex screens fitted to customer-facing workstations.
  • Provision of appropriate PPE including gloves, hand sanitizer and cleaning products.
  • Provision of hand sanitizer to patrons on entry to the building.
  • Limiting the number of people inside the building or restricting the service to drop off & pick up of books & other resources that have been pre-booked and/or use of the internet or study areas that had been pre-booked.
  • Regular cleaning e.g., computers, tables, desks, door handles, handrails, books & other resources.
  • Security guards to ensure access to the building is maintained inline with the above, noting that many libraries already employ security guards.

Should Libraries Re-Open?

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