910 staff at Moreland voted on the EBA, 83% said YES.

We’re not surprised, but it’s worth looking at how we reached this outcome.

Part 1: Negotiations
For over 9 months we negotiated, with strong resistance to our claims. We never backed down, and with every meeting attended by our delegates and officials, we held our ground.

The pay offer for 2021 was 1.5%.

Part 2: Not done yet!
Management stopped bargaining, but with many items outstanding we demanded more meetings. ASU members made hard decisions around which items to push and narrowed it to 7 key claims.

The 2021 pay offer went to 2%, and they agreed to 1 of our 7 claims.

Part 3: Work Bans
ASU members implemented work bans across Council, combining community awareness through areas like libraries, customer service and home care, and visibility through bans like not picking up bins along Sydney Rd. It was only a matter of days before Council was flooded with angry residents supporting the workers.

Part 4: Stop Work
On 4 May ASU members walked off the job. This impacted services that day, and we drew enormous attention with over 200 people rallying in Brunswick, calling on the CEO to support her workers. The support from the public was overwhelming!

Part 5: Meeting with the CEO
Cathy Henderson met with bargaining representatives after more pressure from the ASU and outlined an offer which we took to members on 12 May and was accepted.

The 2021 pay offer went to 2.6% or $42pw (around 3.2-3.5% for most ASU members) and we got 6.5 of our 7 claims!

This was achieved through the hard work and dedication of ASU Delegates and members. Well done. Ask a colleague to join today at www.asu.asn.au/ASUJoin

For further information please contact:
ASU Lead Organiser Luke Cherry | lcherry@asuvictas.com.au

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