On Friday, ASU Branch Secretary Lisa Darmanin wrote to every employer in the local government sector.

The purpose of the letter was to proactively engage employers about the measures they are taking to secure the safety of workers and the support they will provide to workers in the event they can no longer work.

You can download a copy of that letter here.

At a press conference also on Friday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison hosed down talk of a lockdown and we do not want to fuel unnecessary anxiety, but we do want to be prepared for if it happens.

With some shutdowns already occurring (e.g. libraries, leisure centres) we are wanting to proactively engage with Councils if there are further shutdowns or a lockdown.

We are also seeing some isolated instances of employers planning to stand staff down. We are strongly addressing these isolated instances, including taking one employer to the Fair Work Commission.

Each of these actions is part of our Coronavirus Action Plan. We will be inviting you to Zoom meetings next week to discuss the plan and get your input.

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