Supporting your favourite charity doesn’t have to mean handing over hard-earned brass. From donating blood to using ME’s pink Buck debit card that helps fund breast cancer research, it’s possible to lend your favourite cause a helping hand at no cost to you.

  1. Donate blood.

It’s not just vampires who need your blood. In fact, one-third of blood donations help people with cancer . It’s a precious gift that costs you nothing, nada. In fact, every blood donation can help save three lives. It takes about 5–15 minutes and you’ll enjoy complimentary drinks and a snack after you’ve donated.

  1. Help a neighbour.

They do it in Ramsay Street and you can do in your street, too. Helping your neighbours is a wonderful way to make a difference at a local level. If you have elderly neighbours you could help them in the garden, walk their dog or go grocery shopping for them once a week – anything that makes their lives a little easier.

  1. Donate your hair.

Fancy a new haircut? You can shave your head and help “shave the world from blood cancer”. If you’re not quite ready to go all the way, you can also colour your hair. Simply ask people to sponsor you to take part in the World’s Greatest Shave.

You can also donate your hair to special charities who transform hair into wigs for cancer patients who’ve lost their hair through treatment.

  1. Share your pet.

You know how much joy your dog brings you? So just imagine the light they can bring to others. Many nursing homes would love you to bring your furry friend in to visit their residents for a little pet therapy – but be sure to ask in advance given the current situation. Just a few hours a week can transform someone’s wellbeing.

  1. Donate your old clothes.

If you looked in your wardrobe, how much of it do you actually wear? It might be time for a Marie Kondo style clean out.

Donating your old clothes to charity is a wonderful way to recycle and stop clothes from going to waste. You can donate to a local organisation, an op shop, or a bigger charity shop. However, don’t donate clothing that’s unwearable (i.e. ripped or severely stained) as it’ll be thrown out and not passed on.

  1. Donate old furniture.

Just upgraded your bedroom suite or finally bought a bigger couch? If your furniture is still in good nick, don’t just put it on the nature strip and hope someone will take it, donate it to refugees or people seeking asylum. A quick Google search will tell you which charities you can help.

  1. Volunteer your time.

Whether it’s once a week, once a month, or just whenever you can, donating your time is a precious (and free) gift. Organisations like Foodbank Sacred Heart Mission and Edgar’s Mission (a not-for-profit sanctuary for rescued farmed animals) rely on the kindness of volunteers to help them make a difference.

  1. Do a good deed every pay.

With ME’s pink card, tapping your card means tapping into important breast cancer research. Simply open and for every purchase made on your card, ME will donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation  – how cool (and easy) is that?

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