The ASU has been negotiating for a new enterprise agreement with QVM management.

At a recent ASU Members meeting, the current pay offer of 2.5% each year for 3 years was rejected unanimously, with a 3% increase being sought. Following that meeting, ASU Delegates and myself met with QVM management to try and gain an improved offer.

This has been rejected by management who, despite your representatives offering a compromise of 2.5% in years one and 2 and 3% in years 3 and 4, are standing firm on their offer. While some gains have been made and other points of contention clarified, the number one driver from the members meeting was an improved pay offer.

All we were seeking was an extra 1% over the life of the agreement. Again the has been REJECTED.

Management clearly don’t value your contribution at QVM.

What happens next?

QVM is keen to put this proposed enterprise agreement out to a vote and have put the veiled threat of no backpay on the agenda if you vote NO. These heavy-handed tactics need to be stood up against.


If you believe you deserve more than what is on the table, we are urging you to VOTE NO to the proposed agreement.

And once you VOTE NO, urge other staff to do the same.

It’s time to send a message to management

For any further information, contact your delegates Peter or Andre or
ASU Lead Organiser Mark Brady | 0409 969 237 |

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