This is an opportunity to have your voice heard, by participating in the upcoming enterprise agreement vote. The vote will be open from 9am on Friday July 14 until Tuesday July 18 11:59pm, via external voting company VERO. 

Please ensure your mobile or email details are correct or up to date with the P&C team @MSC so you can have your say.  

The Enterprise Agreement is about your entitlements, leave arrangements, workplace rights, pay rates, and occurs every three years. So your vote now is important. If there is something about this process or document you are unsure of, please contact your amazing ASU delegates listed below:
Nicole Knight, Mark Lovell, Nicholas Sluggett and Craig Peart. 

Your Vote is your Power. Vote Early and Vote Strong. 

If you want to stand collectively in pursuit of a better workplace at MSC, ask a colleague to join the ASU today at:

For further information please contact 

Matt Steen | 0476 550 233 | 


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