Dear members, 

We have secured a paid members meeting today to discuss the EA offer prior to the commencement of Industrial Action next week. 

We notified the CEO yesterday that we will commence Protected Industrial Action on Monday May 8.  

The letter to the CEO is here 

We would like to meet with you to discuss the offer, bans and what negotiations look like as the action commences.  

The only way to take industrial action is to be a member, so if anyone wants to participate, they need to come to this meeting and Join the ASU.  

TIME: 12pm – 1pm
LOCATION: The training room at the Operations Centre.  

Please make sure you make every effort to get to this meeting, this is the one we need to be at.  

For further info contact your delegates:  

Sue Bratby.                 Jim Dimitriou 

Pam Genovese           Rosana Rivera 

Kaye Philpot.               Kelly Linnel  

Alex Gauci 

For further information or to become a Delegate please contact:
Assistant Secretary Ty Lockwood, Vic Local Government Campaign Team | 0417 516 568 | 

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