Across local government, ASU members have improved their wages and workplace conditions by taking collective action during 2021.

Of 16 ‘No’ campaigns ASU members have run against sub-standard enterprise agreements put forward by employers, we’re proud to say you have won 12 of them. Most recent wins being at Latrobe and East Gippsland shires in the east of the state.

In each case, when ASU members rejected an enterprise agreement that didn’t have a reasonable pay offer, or other improvements members were demanding, they got a better deal.

A recent example is the success ASU delegates at Geelong Regional Libraries had through recruiting new members, campaigning across their workplace, and taking collective action.

Better wages and greater workplace safety for library workers in Geelong and its surrounds didn’t come easy!

Growing the ASU’s strength by recruiting new members to the union, talking to non-members about the issues, and taking protected industrial action with a strong united front made all the difference.

The takeaway for ASU members who are negotiating enterprise agreements right now or next year, is pretty simple…

You get a better deal by

  1. recruiting members to grow union strength,
  2. campaigning for the enterprise agreement conditions ASU members are demanding, and
  3. by rejecting an unacceptable enterprise agreement and/or taking industrial action.

There’s something you can do even if there isn’t bargaining at your workplace right now.

Get involved in our campaign to change the Victorian Government’s rate capping policy. It’s a policy squeezing council budgets, making workers’ jobs less secure and depriving the community of the services people deserve.

To let us know you want to be involved, fill out the short form here.

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