ASU workplaces from right across Victoria and Tasmania, and representing all of our industries came together at our recent delegates conference under the banner of ‘Stand Up Fight Back”.

This conference was all about planning for bargaining at our workplaces, developing our industry and statewide campaigns, and getting inspiration from dedicated ASU delegates.

And there were industry specific workshops where delegates shared their experience and knowledge with each other.

Each of these elements of the conference program, together with the guest speakers from the ACTU, Vision Super, Victorian Trades Hall Council, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, will better equip workplace delegates to organise and represent members at the workplace level.

The different industrial challenges in our industries were picked apart and delegates helped to set a positive and progressive agenda for our union.

We discussed the impending crisis in local government fuelled by rate capping and underfunding by both the State and Federal Governments.

All members of our union will benefit from the work and contribution of our delegates at the conference as we Stand Up and Fight Back!

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