Last week the Fair Work Commission decided to increase the wages of workers who are on a modern award, or the minimum wage, by 3% from July 1 this year.

For the lowest paid, on minimum wage, this equates to a wage of $740.80 a week – or $19.49 an hour.

The ACTU argued for a much greater increase of 6% and employer groups for a rise of 2% or less. The ASU shares the ACTU’s view that workers on awards need a proper pay increase.

But we are pleased the Commission did not support employer groups’ position that would have resulted in a real wage cut for low paid workers.

We have a long way to go to address wage stagnation and unequal distribution of wealth in Australia.

Following the recent Federal election outcome the labour movement is rethinking how we best continue to fight for fair pay, tackle rising job insecurity and fairness for working women. But we know it will involve standing together!

Updated pay tables for community sector workers reflecting the 3% increase will be distributed to members before the first full pay period on or after 1 July.

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