Following a couple of years of bargaining and waiting for the Fair Work commission (FWC) to approve your Community Health Centre Multi Business Agreement, it’s finally been approved. Remember, you voted for this agreement near the start of this year.

Please see here CHC Enterprise Agreement for a copy of the new Community Health Centre Multi Business Agreement.

Many members will now finally get some back pay. The amount will vary for each member depending on your classification and how long you’ve worked at your employer for. You will soon be receiving a letter from your employer detailing both your back pay and your pre-modern award classification.

Notifying you of your pre-modern award classification is a process that should have happened some time ago as part of the equal remuneration order process.

Just a reminder some of the improvements to the agreement include:
• An additional pay level in bands up to band 5;
• Family Violence Leave;
• A Casual Conversion clause;
• Improved Parental Leave clause;
• We have 30 of the 31 CHCs signed up.

The ASU would like to congratulate all CHC delegates and members who have worked so hard to get this agreement finalised.
This agreement is a reminder why we are campaigning to change the rules. The whole process of bargaining under the Fair work act is broken and we need to fight for a process that is fairer for workers and allows bargaining for agreements, at an
enterprise or industry level, to happen faster and fairer. If you would like to get involved in the change the rules campaign please visit

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