Breaking: if Equal Pay is not funded by the federal government past December, up to 12,000 essential jobs in frontline community services could be lost.

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ASU frontline community sector members from around the country have just met and heard from Dr Jim Stanford from The Australia Institute on new research about the impact on our sector if we do not Save Equal Pay:

  • 12,000 frontline jobs in community services to go
  • Pay could drop by $15,000 per year per worker, via restructuring/outsourcing
  • All the gains made in closing the gender pay gap in our sector in the last 10 years will be reversed

Read the new report here.

But we can stop these cuts if we Save Equal Pay.

Community services are essential services. We have helped carry Australia through the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting the most vulnerable people in our communities and our services are in higher demand than ever. We deserve to be valued and respected.

Our organisations rely on Government funding to pay the Equal Pay wages ASU members fought for and won back in 2012. But the Federal Government has not committed to fund our Equal Pay wages beyond December this year. Because of this, our sector faces a massive funding shortfall of over $570 million which could see 12,000 jobs lost or massive cuts to our pay.

The Federal Government can fix this in its Federal Budget in October. We need your help to Save Equal Pay.

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If Equal Pay is not funded, 12,000 jobs will be under threat and services will be cut.

We fought to win Equal Pay. We will fight to protect it.

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