Thanks to union members, the SCHADS Award minimum rates of pay went up from the first pay period in July. 

This is the first of two increases in our Award rates this year. The second will come in December. Both are thanks to the ASU campaign for Equal Pay that was won in 2012 and awarded increases of between 23 – 45% on our Award rates over 8 years.

The July increase was required to be paid to all eligible members during the first full pay period after July 1 2020. You cannot be paid lower than these new rates.

Unfortunately, the ASU has become aware that Uniting has not been paying some staff their minimum rate of pay according to the July increases. Despite communication with management seeking to rectify this issue, members are still reporting not receiving their appropriate salary increase despite a promise this will be fixed and all owing’s paid in the last pay period.

The ASU will continue to represent members on this issue and ensure all wages owed are paid as soon as possible. If you know of colleagues not in the union, please take this moment to discuss this with them as just another benefit of joining the ASU.

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