We’re getting in touch to remind you that the ASU will be running an online member meeting today at 3pm.

When: Wednesday 21 October, 3pm
Zoom link:  https://zoom.us/j/99035626271

Over the last four months your ASU delegates have been meeting fortnightly with management to discuss changes and safety related to the management of Covid-19. ASU delegates successfully lobbied for these meetings as part of the campaign to reinstate 142 terminated casual workers at the start of the pandemic. The members meeting will take place directly after our next consultation meeting, which will allow our delegates to report back their discussions with management.

We’d also like to hear from our members about anything else you’d like raised in this meeting. We have delegates in almost every area, but we can’t know everything that is going on all the time, so this will give you an opportunity to raise any concerns you might have.

Restrictions Easing

Rrestrictions were eased again on Sunday by the Premier, and are due to be relaxed further in the coming weeks. The only major changes for our members at Maribyrnong is that indoor pools can reopen for one on one hydrotherapy sessions. While facilities are technically now allowed to open, this is never a guarantee that they will open, employers must consult with staff on safety when developing a reopening plan.  

New Delegate Charlie Whitfield

On September 30th Charlie Whitfield expressed an interest in becoming a delegate in Waste Services and Cleansing. No objections were received to Charlie’s nomination, and he will be declared elected. Congratulations to Charlie for putting his hand up and getting elected.

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