Privacy Policy

The Australian Services Union is an organisation of employees registered under the FWA 2009.  The Union is covered by the provisions of the Privacy Act 1998.

The principal activities of the Union are:

  • Representing members in workplace and industry-wide negotiations with employers and employer organisations;
  • Representing members before the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, state industrial tribunals and other courts and tribunals on matters relevant to industrial and workplace issues;
  • Providing information to members about their employment and related rights and obligations;
  • Lobbying State and Federal governments and other relevant bodies about matters of concern to members and their families in relation to employment and living standards;
  • Publicising to members and to the community issues of concern to members and proposals to address these concerns;
  • Conducting research and other activities in order to enable the Union to effectively carry out these functions;
  • Providing members and their families with access to a range of goods and services on favourable terms.

The Union collects personal information from members, including name, address, employer, occupation, date of birth, country of birth, main language spoken and contact details.

The Union collects this information in order to:

  • Contact members about matters relating to their Union membership;
  • Ensure that services and programs are relevant to the needs of members, including by carrying out surveys and other research;
  • Meet statutory requirements under the Workplace Relations Act 1996 and other relevant legislation.

More detailed information is collected where the Union is assisting members with individual cases.

The Union's privacy policy includes:

  • A commitment to secure storage of and control of access to personal information by the Union and any other organisations with which it deals;
  • A commitment not to pass information to third parties without the member's consent, other than in particular cases of contracted-out services, such as use of mail houses, or where required by law;
  • A member can contact the Union to view information held about him or her and may correct any inaccuracies;
  • Members who do not wish to receive information from the Union by mail, email or other means, may contact the Union to arrange this 1300 855 570




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