About Water

The ASU has been part of the Australian water industry since branches of the Union first covered membership in local government and State authorities around 100 years ago. The Union has seen many changes over this time and it is no different today.

There have been considerable changes to the water industry in both Tasmania and Victoria over the past few years. In Victoria the industry was corporatized and in Tasmania there was the creation of three water boards.

The ASU continues to actively represent members and achieve high standards in conditions of employment, rates of pay and occupational health and safety.

ASU represents the interests of members at Parks Victoria as well as members who work as:
• operators
• clerical and administrative staff
• managers
• outdoor workers
• maintenance workers
• scientists, chemists, lab technicians
• water testers
• pipes workers
• field workers

The rates of pay and conditions of employment you work under have been directly affected or negotiated by the ASU, no matter what your classification in the water industry, or your employer - we are, after all, Australia's largest water industry union.

With six union offices across both Tasmania and Victoria and mobile officials, the ASU is never far away.


Latest Water News


Written on 22/05/2017, 13:37
TasWater continues to move ahead with its restructuring exercises. The news from Bennie Smith last week shows that they only received 68 expressions of interest for redundancies from staff in Service Delivery.  While some of these employees have...
Written on 27/04/2017, 09:58
Many weeks have gone by since TasWater announced its wide-ranging proposal to reduce numbers in Service Delivery with the end goal of achieving $15 million dollars in savings over the next 10 years.  We've been working to ensure that your right to...
Written on 20/03/2017, 13:37
  A decision to cut jobs at TasWater will leave families across the state struggling to make ends meet. ASU Branch Coordinator Dennis Mullins said jobs will go thanks to a knee-jerk reaction to a campaign run against TasWater by the State...
Written on 23/02/2017, 10:47
Employees of TasWater recently received an email from the CEO announcing that the business needs to “deliver significant savings” by cutting costs in Service Delivery.  Their plan is to do this via outsourcing, centralising functions, and...
Written on 31/08/2016, 03:27
Outsourcing at South East Water stopped! Last week the ASU learnt that SEW had proposed to outsource several permanent jobs to Lend Lease. The ASU has a strong stance against outsourcing in the public sector as it erodes workers job security and...



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