About Local Authorities

The Local Authorities Sector of the Branch represents Local Government workers in Victoria and Tasmania including public libraries, fire services and a range of other committees of management.

Local Authorities ASU members are active and strongly committed to ensuring they continue to win above-average employment conditions and pay increases. This is achieved through an active representative structure and consultative presence at the workplace. Local Authorities members also provide a good example of the achievements that can be gained through a strong collective voice!

Our union belongs to our members. People join the ASU to have a voice in their workplace. They use this voice to join together in effective groups to protect and improve their rights, while meeting their needs at a workplace level and through a number of interest groups. Another way this is done is through the establishment of well-organised and representative workplaces. The ASU strives to support our members and workplace representatives by utilising their combined experience and expertise in the advocacy and industrial relations arena.  Another of our roles is to act as an effective lobby group to governments - at all levels - and at others forums to ensure our members’ interests are fully represented.

Members are encouraged to become actively involved in their union and work closely with its Industrial Officers, Organisers and workplace representatives. The ASU's work in negotiating Industrial Agreements with employers on behalf of members is achieved with a strong and active delegate structure and union membership at a workplace level.

Latest Local Authorities News

Written on 02/08/2017, 05:44
While many councils were tweeting furiously yesterday about #YourRatesAtWork, Moreland Council was conspicuously quiet. We recently took them to the Fair Work Commission over a failure to put in an in-house bid on a chunk of their garbage run and they...
Written on 02/08/2017, 04:14
  Members at the Frankston Vote No Stop Work Rally have remained passionate about voting no to a 1.4% offer from a CEO who has enjoyed a pay increase in excess of $110,000 in five years. His gall beggars belief. ASU members invited the...
Written on 01/08/2017, 21:44
Dogs' Homes of Tasmania Employee Enterprise Agreement negotiations are finally under way for the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania.  We're pleased that management have now willingly come to the bargaining table to work towards improving this outdated...
Written on 01/08/2017, 21:26
You may not consider wage theft a common concern but it is increasingly being used as a business model due to the inefficiency of industrial relations laws. We've been working hard to retrieve money which was deliberately and systematically stolen from...
Written on 01/08/2017, 21:11
  After two and a half years of waiting, Glenorchy City Council finally presented members at the Works Centre with their restructure plan.  The plan comes some months after Jeff Kennett’s CT Management produced a report at a cost of several...



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