City of Melbourne EBA


After 16 months of negotiations, the Enterprise Agreement for staff at the City of Melbourne has been accepted by the majority of employees.

Secretary Richard Duffy said that while the final agreement isn't the outcome the union wanted for members, there were positives won in the long tussle with management.

“It was important to us to secure back pay and retain redundancy provisions and we achieved that. We are disappointed that the City of Melbourne will now have a classification structure that pays two employees doing the same job differently. And that’s the reality of what we’re fighting these days. Like the cuts to penalty rates some employers want to see our youth and new people coming through on worse pay and conditions than the rest of us.”

"Almost 50% voted to reject this agreement, so we understand that many employees will not be satisfied with the result. It takes fortitude to withstand such a protracted attack and we’d like to thank every member who took protected industrial action when called on. It speaks volumes of their character and integrity.”

As always, we will continue to fight for the best interests of our members and work to preserve, and better, the conditions City of Melbourne seem hell-bent on eradicating.

For further information contact ASU Organiser Ty Lockwood.


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