Working in the heat? We need to hear from you.


A team led by researchers at the University of Adelaide is undertaking a national Australian Research Council funded project, to better understand the circumstances underpinning injuries that occur in hot working conditions, both outdoors and indoors. The project is examining the relationship between hot weather and injuries, and exploring perceptions of stakeholders and workers. The ultimate aim is to facilitate resources to aid in the prevention of heat-related occupational injuries.

The project website provides several opportunities for people to participate in this research, including online surveys for:

Working in the heat?

If you're working in extreme heat then you're risking heat illness which may include nausea, dizziness, convulsions or collapsing. If ignored, or left untreated, the effects on the body could be fatal.  So grab another glass of water while you download our guidelines for working in heat.

If any member requires assistance with this topic please contact your ASU Organiser or ASU OHS Officer Mick Van Beek. Further information can also be obtained from the ASU Contact Centre by calling 1300 855 570.


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