Family violence is a workplace issue training


VTHC's We Are Union Women are running a one day training course for union officials and delegates to successfully implement Domestic and Family Violence Leave clauses. The training casts $35 per person and can be tailored to meet the needs of your workplace.


  • What is family violence?
  • How and why does family violence enter the workplace?
  • Why support in the workplace is important.
  • Implementation of the family violence leave clause and policy.
  • The model family violence leave clause and policy: why they are important.
  • Workplace issues when implementing the clause.
  • Supportive workplace cultures.
  • The role of the union delegate and other contact officers.
  • Appointment and supervision of Family Violence Contact Officers in the workplace.
  • Guidelines for developing workplace safety plans.
  • Management of perpetrators in the workplace.
  • Industrial legal frameworks.
  • Referral services and resources.

Download the flyer.

For more information contact Pia Cerveri, Family Violence Project Organiser via email: or call: (03) 9659 3511 to discuss and register.

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