TAS Energy & Water Update


There has been plenty afoot in the Water and Energy sectors in Tasmania recently. Along with ongoing EBA negotiations at Hydro and TasWater  (Senior EA), both TasNetworks and TasWater have recently held briefings, which the ASU attended, in relation to changes to programs and implementations of new projects.


TasNetworks has briefed the ASU on both changes to their Works and Service Delivery as well as  3 new projects; Power of Choice,  Ajilis  and ORM.  The Works and Service Delivery Transformation  will see the Asset Area Management Team cease to exist and the creation of a few new positions within a new Field Engineering Team.  The ASU, together with other unions at this briefing requested TasNetworks to provide the opportunity of job swaps but TasNetworks prefer not to pursue this option. Of the 3 new projects ,The Power of Choice will have the most significant impact on our members’ roles.  The Power of Choice Program is a national reform driven by the Australian Energy Market Commission and sees a new framework which moves the responsibility for small customer metering to Retailers.  Impacted roles and responsibilities which will be affected are: Electrical Contractors, TasNetworks’ people, systems and processes. The Power of Choice program is scheduled to be implemented by 1 December 2017.


TasWater has realigned the Retail and Customer Services division under their Retail Value Creation Program (RVCP). The realignment impacted on a number of roles and people, from change in reporting line to more significant change, with some roles no longer existing.  There will also be more changes  to come as they move further into the RVCP with process changes, task automation, efficiencies, outsourcing etc.

TasWater Senior Employees EA

This agreement is currently out to ballot but prior to it going to the vote, management had canvassed the idea of removing upper level management and HR from the Senior EA and placing these employees onto individual contracts.  All feedback garnered by the ASU, Professionals Australia and management was that the majority of employees did not want to be removed from the EA, therefore this idea by management was taken off the table.  The vote count will be held at 10.15am on 5 December 2017 at the TEC…. Stay tuned for the result!

TasWater Service Delivery Management Realignment

As of Monday 27 November transition to changes to the leadership of the Water Services South, Electrical and SCADA teams will come into effect:

  1. Move Water Services South Team to Urban Networks under the Manager Southern Networks;
  2. Bryn Estyn Team to remain in Urban T&P South under Manager Wastewater South; and
  3. The existing Electrical and SCADA teams will report to the Acting Manager SCADA & Electrical

Hydro EBA

Bargaining is coming to a close with this agreement looking like being put out to the vote very soon. The good news is that backpay is on the table and employees will retain their electricity discount – no grandfathering!.

If you are a member within the Energy or Water industry and are impacted by any of the above, or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your ASU Organiser, Karen Tantari on 0472 512 484 or via ktantari@asuvictas.com.au.

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