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ASU representing you in discussions with the Victorian State Government.

Gov Hubs

Discussions are ongoing between the State Government, ASU, and CPSU about the plans to relocate Melbourne based workers to regional hubs in 2020. ASU members in Parks Victoria and VicRoads will be impacted by this.

We are currently negotiating the details of these moves, including the types of relocation packages that will be available, the redeployment process for staff who do not wish to relocate, and the types of packages available for staff who are not relocating and are not redeployed. Whilst many details are not yet finalised, we are please with the way these discussions are going and are confident of achieving a good outcome for members affected by this change.

Victorian Skills Commission review of Water Industry qualifications

The Skills Commission is currently reviewing training within the water industry, in order to find out which courses are relevant, and to identify any shortcomings in the training currently available. ASU are involved in this review, and we are keen to hear from any members who might wish to contribute or to be involved in the process. Please contact your Organiser Matt Price on the contacts below should you wish to provide feedback.

New State Government initiatives around Labour Hire and Long Service Leave

ASU has been consulted about some very positive initiatives by the Andrews Government on regulating the Labour Hire Industry, as well as reforming the Long Service Leave Act.

For too long, dodgy Labour Hire companies have been able to operate outside the rules, and with little regulation. The Turnbull Government won't do anything about it, so the Victorian Government is establishing a new body to regulate this industry. The Labour Hire Registration Scheme will see the establishment of a new statutory authority, headed by a commissioner. All Labour Hire firms operating within Victoria will be required to register with the new authority annually. Registration will only be granted where Labour Hire firms can show that they are compliant with all relevant employment laws, and the new authority will have the power to issue significant penalties to firms who do not comply. Legislation to create this new authority is currently being drafted, and has not yet been before Parliament.

A new bill that will replace the existing Long Service Act is before the Parliament. If it passes, the new bill will modernise the LSL system. Key changes include increased continuity of service during parental leave, all paid leave will now count as service, unpaid leave will not break continuity of service, and the concept of 'pro rata' will be scrapped, with proportionate entitlements available after 7 years without restriction.

Note - these changes will only apply if your LSL entitlement comes from the existing State Long Service Leave Act.

For further information: please contact ASU Organiser Matt Price.

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