#Givemeabreak portable long service leave for SACS



ASU community service delegates are meeting across Victoria this week to discuss why portable long service leave is so important for their sector.  Many of the delegates attending the meet have worked well over 10 years with a number of community service employers and are yet to be able to access long service leave.

Members are committing themselves to fight until they achieve portable long service leave for their sector.  A commitment needed right now to attract and retain staff in  community services - just as schemes like the NDIS roll out and there is an anticipated doubling of the workforce.  

ASU community service delegates are sick of being expected to just do the job because they love the work.  It's time for the state government to support the workers who support the most vulnerable Victorians. Please show your support and sign our petition

For further information check out our facebook pages:

Give me a break, portable long service leave NOW!

ASU Vic Tas


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