More bad news at Red Cross


Following the announcement by Red Cross in late 2017 that they would be losing the SRSS funded program to provide migrant support services across the country, which would be leading to around 300 jobs lost including around 150 in Victoria, the ASU and Red Cross entered into consultation around the process that would be adopted.

It's fair to say that the response from Red Cross to the proposals put forward by the ASU were underwhelming, however after subsequent discussions and further proposals put forward on behalf of ASU members at delegates working in the program, some headway was being made around easing the impact of this terrible decision on staff.

It now appears that will count for little as Red Cross have now been told they will need to transfer clients out of the program sooner than had been previously expected, resulting in redundancies being brought forward from the originally expected date of 30 June 2018.

This is a real blow for the hard working and passionate staff working in this program, and while the ASU is sympathetic to the position this has put Red Cross management in, we will be calling on them to do everything within their power to support staff in how they exit their current employment, and do anything they can to help transition them into new roles within similar services.


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