Groundhog Day at Red Cross as migrant support jobs lose funding



Some of you will remember in late 2014 Red Cross announced that of its 800 staff working in migrant support programs around Australia, due to funding cuts by the Federal Liberal government 500 of those positions would no longer be funded.

Barely over three years from that extremely challenging time it appears that Red Cross is once again the victim of the same government, albeit a different immigration minister, with the remaining 300 jobs now facing redundancy by mid-2018 due to the program being completely defunded.

This is terrible news both for ASU members and their colleagues working in the program, and of course for those people who depend on the support provided through the program.

Red Cross have outlined a plan for a two-stage redundancy process, involving around a third of the positions being axed three months before the funding is cut. They claim this is to account for decreasing demand for the services, but the ASU, informed by our members working in the program, does not accept this argument and does not believe there is any way demand for the service will drop by a third over the next two months.

We are therefore calling on Red Cross to abandon this excessive approach which will see many more staff than necessary out of work at the end of March, and instead give their staff the support and respect they deserve during this difficult time and allow them to leave without disadvantage and at a time that best suits them finding alternate employment.  This position was put by the ASU in a consultation submission on Monday 22nd January, and we eagerly await management’s response.

For more information or if you have additional information about these service changes, contact ASU Organiser Luke Cherry on 0417 472 497 or

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