Standing up for the not-for-profit sector


ASU community service members and officials have participated in countless reviews, panels and forums over the past few months to stand up for the not for profit sector and to ensure that working conditions and wages are at the forefront of discussions about what the sector looks like going into the future.

ASU delegates and officials attended a hearing with the Productivity Commission and gave evidence to their Human Services review as to why community services should continue to be delivered by community not-for-profit agencies and not greedy private sector companies. 

Privatised models of community sector service provision has failed in pretty much every country in which it has been tried and it baffles the mind that the Federal Government would even consider opening up community services to for-profit corporates.  Just look at the failed ideological experiments in TAFE, the Job Network and ABC childcare for an insight into what the community sector could look like if for-profits get their way.

As an ASU member you are helping to stand up for the not-for-profit sector.  Please talk with your colleagues who are not yet ASU members about joining with you to fight against greed being the motivation for service provision in community services.

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