Jobs to be cut in restructure at Glenelg Shire


The Australian Services Union believes a decision by Glenelg Shire to embark on a savage, hasty and ill-conceived restructure will lead to job losses and lower standards to a range of services offered to ratepayers across the municipality.

ASU Organiser Mark Brady said the restructure sets out to reward the higher-paid employees while severely affecting hard-working staff on lower bands of pay.

“The Council’s decision to move on job losses, attack workers’ conditions and sell off assets sounds like we’re back in the Kennett era of council amalgamations and Compulsory Competitive Tendering. In a desperate bid to cover up one of the most extreme misuses of ratepayers’ money, the Glenelg Shire has embarked on a restructure that condemns hard-working staff to the scrap heap.”

“When CEO Greg Burgoyne was asked how many jobs would be culled he loosely suggested a number over 10, creating heaps of understandable panic and unrest among the workforce, all in the name of finding $1.3 million in savings, which doesn’t require that amount of job losses to be achieved. Council has contributed to this financial disaster by squandering millions of dollars in income from a very generous rating agreement with Alcoa (a deal now in serious jeopardy), a $600,000 loss (in 18 months) from the Vic Roads Alliance as well as not utilising the full rate cap as set by the State Government. You start to get a guide as to why there’s a gaping black hole in the budget, and one of the bi-products is a decision to cut jobs through a restructure.”

“Also, senior management addressed staff this morning to announce they won’t be backing down on the attempt to remove the 10-hour-a-day, four-day week clause for the majority of outdoor workers. Their reasoning behind this is to get employees working five days a week in larger crews so less machinery is needed at different sites, meaning they could then sell off machinery, despite the greater cost to ratepayers by losing that hour and half of productivity a day that the 10-hour day affords. Staff will not be able to complete jobs the way they have been, with Council responding by saying they will add a clause that lets staff work 10 hours-a-day, five days-a-week, without overtime.”

“Throughout this process, there’s been no mention of cuts or changes to any executive management role, nor any commitment from senior managers to accept the same wage increases being offered to staff. The ASU - on behalf of its members and several staff - handed in submissions looking for variations and offering up alternate ideas for the restructure, but those ideas appear to have been completely ignored.”
“It’s time for the elected representatives at Glenelg Shire to take control of this rudderless spending machine and ensure that ratepayers get the services they deserve using Council-owned assets, provided for them by staff who have earned the right to job security.”

For more information, please contact ASU Organiser Mark Brady

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