Burnie members angered by Alderman comments


ASU Branch Coordinator Dennis Mullins said ASU members at Burnie Council are sick of being used as the 'grist of the mill' for Alderman Steve Kons’ cheap political tricks after a necessary upgrade to Council offices.

Mullins said Alderman Kons' comments - backed up by Alderman Dorsey - were out of line and again showed the disconnect between some elected members of Council and the hard-working staff within the municipality.

"A vote was overwhelmingly passed by union members last week, calling on Alderman Kons “to refrain from using the hard working staff at the Burnie City Council as grist for the mill for his cheap and tawdry political tricks.”

"Recently, around $30,000 worth of upgrades were made to the Council offices to improve efficiency and enjoy better customer outcomes. It is inappropriate for individual elected members to try to influence or denigrate internal operational matters, especially after the upgrades were approved in the budget."

"Members were rightfully affronted by comments made by Alderman Kons in an article in The Advocate (read article here) last week, and see it simply as an opportunity to benefit politically."


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