Delegate Profile: Nichole from Moorabool Shire Council


Workplace delegates are the lifeblood of unions. They volunteer their time and effort to make their workplace better for everyone. We'll be saluting our delegates through a series of profiles like this one of Nichole Knight, ASU delegate in local government.

  1. Name Nichole Knight

  2. Occupation- Health Promotion Officer

  3. Employer-Moorabool Shire Council

  4. How long have you been delegate and how has your role changed? I have been a delegate since the start of 2017.

  5. What sort of workplace issues do members ask you about and what is your advice? I get asked a lot about overtime and other allowances, about changes to people's workloads and PD's, or issues they are having with other staff. Some things are straightforward, and can be found in our EBA or policies. With staff issues, I have been asked to be a support person in meetings, worked with our Organiser to provide support and advice, referred staff to the contact centre to log their issues, and advised on rights at work including dispute resolution processes.

  6. What's the greatest achievement you've experienced as a delegate? Working on our current EB and engaging with our members to reflect their position. Supporting several staff through workplace issues.

  7. How do you think the union movement helps working Australians? It gives us a voice, supports us in the workplace, and builds on the conditions and protections that have been fought for.

  8. What advice would you give to members considering becoming a delegate / workplace representative? It has been a great experience. The training and other opportunities are fantastic. Having other delegates in the organisation gives us the opportunity to support members in all areas, and the ability to work together on our consultative committee and the EB process.

We thank Nichole for her commitment to her colleagues through her union activism!

If you are interested in becoming a workplace delegate, please speak with your local organiser.

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