Indigo Shire community forgotten by Council's decision to end HACC service

A delegation of concerned community members, home and community care workers and ASU organiser Martin McDonald and Kath Tuari came together to raise the awareness of the pending changes forced on them by the Federal Government's My Aged Care system and the Council decision to no longer provide the HACC service.

indigo3Indigo Shire's decision has left some of the most vulnerable elderly and disabled people with uncertainty of who in their community will provide this service in future.

The community members gathered in front of the Beechworth Shire Council office shining torches on their faces to highlight the forgotten faces and the impact this decision is having on their family members and friends before entering the council meeting.

Council advised that no service provider has been appointed at this stage.


The Border Mail: "Union presents petition as torches light up protesters' faces at Indigo Council meeting", by Anthony Bunn, 27 February 2018


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