Redundancies at Southern Midlands Council



Southern Midlands Council last month terminated the employment of eight employees at Callington Mill in Oatlands after the Aldermen made a decision to close the Mill’s café and information centre to the public and to cease running tours of the Mill.

The decision was made extremely quickly with the affected employees being notified of an in-principle decision to close the Mill just two weeks before being given their notice of the final decision to do so.  The employees found themselves out of a job just one week later.

The Mill has been a sore point for Council since it opened in 2010 after Council was unsuccessful in finding a private operator for the Callington Mill Precinct. The Mill has been making a loss in excess of $200,000 per year. There have been some industrial issues which had been resolved since the implementation of the latest enterprise agreement but ultimately the decision was made to close the Mill.

The ASU is disappointed in the decision made by Council but we are pleased that management has worked with us to ensure all affected employees were paid all of their entitlements. Unfortunately the employees were previously advised that they would be transferring their employment to a new whisky distillery opening next door but delays in the development application and re-zoning approval processes meant that this option was no longer viable.

The Mill will continue to operate as a working flour mill supplying flour to their wholesale customers.


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