Whitehorse Manningham Libraries EBA Offer Rejected




After months of bargaining meetings an impasse was reached in negotiations for a new Whitehorse Manningham Libraries EBA, with ASU members demanding 2% or higher pay increases, and management unwilling to match the increases contained in the EBAs of their funding councils.

Whitehorse Manningham Libraries ignored the advice of ASU bargaining representatives, who told them that any offer with less than 2% annual pay increases would be rejected, and put an offer out to their employees which included 1.8% pay increases in the second and third years.

Given they are cutting EFT allowances, cutting vehicle allowances, and doing little to meet the majority of the Union claims that we put on the table, they’ve really given their employees little reason to support it.  This was seen in a flyer management put out to encourage staff to vote yes, but the best it could provide as a reason was the sub-standard 1.8% pay increases!

Unsurprisingly, as we’d been telling them would happen, the offer did not achieve a majority of support amongst staff and was therefore rejected, albeit with a tied outcome of 52 yes and 52 no.

This was a clear mandate sent by employees that the pay increase on offer was not acceptable, but instead of improving their offer management continue to sit on their hands and wait for their staff to get tired of arguing about it.  That’s not going to happen.

The ASU will be seeking to meet with members in the next week to discuss where to from here, but if management don’t start re-thinking their stance they’re going to burn a lot of good will and lose far more than 0.2% worth of morale from the staff who provide valued services in their community.


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