Vale Zelda D'Aprano

The ASU are saddened to hear that lifelong equal pay activist Zelda D'Aprano passed away in February.

zeldaFrom the 1960s Zelda fought to ensure that women were paid the same as a man for work of equal value. She was still fighting to help ASU community services members win their historic equal pay case in 2012.

When, in 1969, Zelda chained herself to the Commonwealth Court of Arbitration to protest the gender pay gap women were paid on average 75% of a male wage for work of equal value. Zelda has frequently recounted that the decision to protest in this way did not come easily as she was not one to court attention. Her decision to protest, born out of a deep sense of injustice at the gender pay gap, epitomises the bravery that Zelda displayed her whole life.

Many years after Zelda's action in 1969 the gender pay gap has narrowed but is still too high. Zelda's actions have inspired women unionists from the ASU and many other unions to take up the struggle for equal pay. Her legacy is the on-going activism of a new generation of union activists. The struggle continues.

ASU members thank Zelda for her activism and pass on our condolences to her family.


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