FWC directs Break O Day to respond to ASU


The Fair Work Commission heard the ASU’s application for Bargaining Orders filed against Break O Day Council in October.

Deputy President Barclay found that Break O Day Council was in breach of their Good Faith Bargaining obligations due to failing to adhere to the following requirements.

  • Attending, and participating in, meetings at reasonable times.
  • Responding to proposals made by other bargaining representatives for the agreement in a timely manner.

The commissioner directed Break O Day Council to respond to the ASU’s proposals within 7 days of the hearing, to hold a bargaining meeting with the ASU on the 24th of October and schedule further bargaining meetings as required. The ASU was pleased to report back to the Fair Work Commission that Break O Day Council had complied with Commission’s directions by sending responses to the ASU’s proposals as agreed and that a productive bargaining was held on the 24th of October.
Further negotiation meetings have also taken place on November 2nd and 23rd.

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