Waiting on an Agreement approval?



It’s that time of year again where many enterprise agreement negotiations have been completed for the year and we find a large number of ASU members waiting for the approval process to be completed by the Fair Work Commission so their new agreement can be implemented.

This can sometimes be a frustratingly long process, currently approval times are ranging from 10 – 15 weeks. That’s once the agreement is lodged with the Commission.

The delay is a result of the huge volume of agreements being submitted this time of year and every enterprise agreements is now heavily scrutinised by the Commission to ensure compliance with the Fair Work Act and to make sure that every employee covered by the agreement will be better off than they would otherwise be if they were covered by the applicable modern award instead of the agreement.

There is little anyone can do to speed up this process, other than making sure the agreement fulfils all of the necessary requirements before going to ballot, and we must wait for the Commission to complete their work. Approval is usually very swift once the Commission is finished with the checks and balances but with close to 1200 agreements currently waiting for approval this can take a considerable time.

If you have recently voted on an agreement and are waiting for it to come into effect and would like more information about the current status of your agreement please feel free to contact your ASU Organiser.


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