Marriage equality and the ASU


The ASU is a proud supporter of marriage equality. When Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced that Australia will participate in a postal plebiscite to gauge public opinion on the same-sex marriage debate the ASU  proudly stood up to show our unwavering support for marriage equality.

We have spent the past month making  t-shirts, attending actions, distributing posters and other campaign material  and urging members and others to vote yes in support of a major social change in Australian society. The ASU also put a call out to members and staff to come along and volunteer in phone banking. Members and staff showed up and committed their time to calling other ASU members and urging them to return their yes vote. The ASU phone banking is proving to be a huge success and we are really grateful to everyone who come along gave their time. If you want to get involved and support the ASU in our joint campaign for marriage equality please contact Ed Yap or Kristy Lee Tyrrell.

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