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In light of recent Australian Public Service Commission guide regarding social it’s timely to be reminded of some tips for protecting yourself from have any issues in your employment because of your social media activity.

As a general principle if you do something that is likely to damage your relationship with your employer, or damage your employer’s interest, you could be disciplined, including dismissal, even if the conduct was outside of working hours. This includes social media activity.


  • Be aware of your employer’s social media policy (if they have one)
  • Even if you have strict privacy settings on your social media, it is safest to assume everything you do or say on social media is public and could therefore become known to your employer
  • Don’t identify your employer in posts on social media (even this won’t protect you if people can still make the connection to your employer)
  • It’s not just about what you say on social media yourself. What you ‘like’, share or re-post could also come under scrutiny
  • Be selective about who you ‘friend’ on social media
  • Don’t air workplace grievances on social media. What you say in a moment of anger or frustration could come back to haunt you. There are processes for dealing with workplace issues, use those instead.
  • Try to avoid anything that could damage your employer’s interests, or could be incompatible with your duties as an employee, which could include things that are not directly related to your employer

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