ASU Conference

The ASU delegate's conference is always a popular event. Delegates from all industries get to share tips and negotiating experience with each other and atttend workshops specific to their industries. Feedback from this involvement guides the union over the next 12 months. Participants also get to hear from amazing speakers and this year was no exception.

We hit the jackpot with our guests this year:

  • Sally McManus, Secretary, Australian Council of Trade Unions
    "We expected the rich to put limits on their own greed.
    We'll have to put limits on to get fairness back".
  • Lisa Chesters Shadow Assistant Minister for Workplace Relations
    "We have to do something for the generations coming after us.
    We have to set the agenda. Decent jobs; lock them in for future generations".
  • Liberty Sanger, Chair, Equal Workplaces Advisory Council
    "It is unacceptable that our daughters will be a million dollars worse off than our sons".

Our award winners

The following outstanding delegates were recipients of our awards this year, with a snapshot of what their peers had to say about them. Congratulations to our winners and to all those fulfilling the role of delegate in your workplace, we thank you.

Greg McKay

“Greg has been selfless in the time and effort he has channeled into being a union delegate. He has a genuine interest in assisting others so that they are treated fairly and respectfully during periods of grievance and dispute regardless of fault. Above all, Greg has integrity and is transparent, members trust him and know he will always advocate for them and be honest from the start.”



Adrian Skiba

"Adrian has been a tireless campaigner for all of our rights at work. He has shown true leadership and knowledge in industrial matters as well as quietly and tirelessly working for the betterment of conditions for members and employees at Launch Housing as a whole. Adrian fully embodies the principles of worker unity, fairness, non-discrimination and social justice that unions strive to achieve."




Kristy Meikle

"Kristy is friendly, approachable, empathetic, a fantastic listener, and can talk to people from all walks of life. These attributes and her hard work results in her being highly effective and successful in carrying out the tasks of OHS officer."




Gin Fuller

"Gin's customer service skills are second to none, and having this amazing ability, she is able to converse to all demographics, gaining trust and repoire with co workers, HR and union. Her leadership skills are paramount, and she has earned the respect of all that have come across her. Gin has been a huge asset to the membership at Frankston and that has been reflected in the recruitment of more female delegates and members."




Karmela Lutherus

"Karmela took an active role in the negotiation process for RFT’s EA and works hard to ensure that management uphold their obligations in accordance with the EA so that positive outcomes can be achieved for ASU members experiencing workplace issues. Karmela has recruited the majority of her colleagues into the ASU, in fact there only two non ASU members remaining at her workplace and she is working on them!"







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